Thursday, July 3, 2008

new colour Rose Gold

....and I appear to have been discovered on Flikr Im getting orders from there too

Its wonderful ...but a little ..
.no a lot overwhelming ...Im gobsmacked still LOL
Im getting stressed again because my pelts havent arrived yet and Im falling way behind ..
so I have taken stock TODAY ..makeing up all of the orders and leving the bags unsealed to I can add the missing wigs as soon as I get the fur in
I ...ordered 10 pelts with the 7 incomming
I wont run out and get stressed

My Daughter has just finished school and if off untill September when she starts collage I am thinking off asking for help
my Husband is helping ..
and my Mom has offered to help me too
so its all hands on deck now ....
Im am going to have to be firm withmyself ..and spend less time on the laptop and more time at work

I have decided from 9.30 till 4 .00 the house ...and then tea ..then I can catch up on e.mails ..Pms on an evening .... Ok ...lets try that ! LOL

Im coffee break now will answer all PMs tonight

me being organised ...Oh yeah ...40 fat fairys turned up today too LOL
the dark tan ones have some white resin dust left on them ...very noticable on dark tan
so its going to take a few days to polish them , to get them out
I got a green BonBon too she is way cool , she looks like Fiona out of Shrek !
my dinning room looks like a TIP boxs , bags and wig fluff all over the place !


Jennifer said...

Oh sweetie! I'm sorry that you are being held up by pelts again. Just take a deep breath. Certainly, everyone will understand that you have no control over that.

On a happy note - I LOVE the Rose Gold!! How gorgeous! I'll have to see which of my girls wants to claim it for her own. ^_^

Have fun with the fat fairies. *giggle* I hope playing with them (getting them all cleaned up) will put a smile on your face.

I'll join you in some afternoon tea.. although I'm a little behind you and you're already on coffee. XD


tinybear said...

these things are sent to try us LOL
pelts STILL not come
and I have just started fixing up the faces of the fat fairys , they has quite a bit of sanding residue not polished out I have had to do all of them , and now have to replace eyebrows ...and its gone cold and damp the last 5 have bloomed
I have to wait untill tommorow now before I can start again
its one of those days

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