Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wig Colour and Coco UPDATES

I am now totally out of white , and blonde PELTS

the dyed colours I have ...Im now dangerously low ...but I still have some
I have e.mailed the compay I deal with and asked me to rush this shippment of pelts ...

If I dont have them in the next weeks or so ...I will have run out of most colours and my custom colours

In stock
Im pretty safe with black , browns , grey, magenta, burgundy ,
limes , brown /black with white tips
Cinnamon Swirl

Sold out
Blonde , White
SeaFoam ...I have 1 SD wig left and a puki ..then that has gone

Im working on orders in my book now ...Im getting through them
at the momment ...I can get most of them posted but next week the rate Im working

they are finished at last
I had to put the heating on yesterday to get them done
its just too damp and to walm ...the MSC kept blooming and causing the face to go white
terrible !
but they are finished ...and tommorow will go in the post

today I have to get ingieebee`s wigs made ..and a teddy bear order for tommorow too

I think I will be placeing another dark tan order
I want a tan Mina ...and I am exhibiting at Miniatura in October

so I want a tan girl for that too ...but next time I will know not to spray the MSC on dark tan when its raining !

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