Tuesday, August 19, 2008


dreamy, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

enhanced face-up on a white Mina :D

Wig updates
....nothing major ..only ANOTHER parcel gone missing
I am starting to wonder now ..this is the 3rd parcel in a row

all the browns ...the company I buy from replace them ,,,and now are trying traceing it ...and I do have some still in stock ..so no problems untill that runs out ...which should be about 2 weeks , but hopefully either the replacement will be sent or the orriginal will be with me

the weather is still appaleing ..so dyeing is slow ...on a plus side
its getting colder on a night ..so soon I will have the heating on

..I shall make a note ...next Summer ...wigs take a Month
Winter Months I can get them dyed and dry overnight
Summer Months it can take a week ...so wig orders will be expected to slow right down

I am trying to get a lot of the orders done this week as I have my new office arriveing the weekend ...so its going to take a week ...to get all my "stuff " into it and sorted :D

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