Sunday, August 24, 2008

its a Carrie House ...

its a Carrie House ..., originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

well its been a hellish week ...I havent got half of the orders done ....personal.. family .. ...sigh which has caused me some distress and stress
and bloody awefull migraine from hell ....that was 2 days knocked off my feet ...I am still teaching my summer school ..which has been hard work for me ...
on a plus side , I have 2 left ,and
my new office , work room ...Summer House ,arrived
once Im in there ...I shall be as snug as a bug :D
everything will be in 1 place instread of 2 ....the fur company got in touch with me ...thank god ...I thought I was going out of bussiness
and all colours back in stock this week ...apart from browns ,Another box has gone missing :( ...but thats Ok I know it will be replaced

so major problems ...Autumn is comming the heating is on ...wig orders will speed up now

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