Friday, October 24, 2008


PongPong, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Such a happy face ...and such a happy day

my pelts arrived Im thrilled to bits .I was going to have to close my shop today as I have sold out of all base colours and reds/cinnamon swirl
almost everything

and now Im back in stock ...YAY !


ReineDeLaSeine14 (Stephanie) said...

Soooo cute.

At first I hated PongPong but after seeing owner pics I'm totally in love!

tinybear said...

I wasnt sure what to make of him/her either on the release
but its such a happy , feel good sculpt ..Im so glad I ordered now

simplykir said...

awwww he/she is really a happy doll ^^. This pic made my day! thanks for sharing. I'm really glad you ordered him/her ;).

tinybear said...

me too ....
I only hope they bring PongPong out in the larger version!
I will be the first to grab him on the boy body

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