Monday, May 4, 2009

lousy week

we had a wonderful time in Hey ..when I came home Stan was sulking ..he hated me going away ..always did ...over the next week we noticed him getting slower and slower ..untill he didnt have the energy to walk ...or eat ...
the same time ..I had a HUGE Bobobie Bill topay ..all my limmited editions to pay for ...and Lloyds ..bless them ...I hope they fester ..decided I didnt need an overdraft on my new bussiness account ..this is AFTER the interview at my local branch were they promised me the earth and more ...if I didnt use my PayPal and credit card and went with them they tell me ..when I have a monster bill ..and another due in a few weeks ..I couldnt have a bloody overdraft

this is after waiting 3 weeks for a return phone call they called to tell me after I had settled my bill selling my soul and wacking up my Card ....
So I told them stick their account ...NEVER take their advice ...still angry ..still smarting and very broke Cat went down hill with the last of our Holiday money ...I got Stan to the Vets May 1st .....
its still to painfull ..and too raw ...but an hour later ..they called me with the worse news ever
they had found he had a huge shadow in his lungs ...and blood tests had confirmed the worse ...I dashed up to him ..and gave the consent ..he died in my arms ...and my heart broke

I bought him home ...when I walked into the front door the phone rang ...and it was UPS ...with a £150.00 Import charge ...I dont think the poor girl knew what was going on ...I broke down in tears ...appologised ,she has to wait 5 mins untill I stopped crying ....

what a bloody shit day ...
I got the post out on the Saturday ...its Rosies birthday today ...
I never thought I could feel this sad over a Pet , but Stan was my shadow ..and Im missing him so much
Maddie is pineing ...she is my other cat ...but very much my daughters ...and its horrible :(

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