Friday, July 3, 2009

POSTAGE CHARGE ..and look whats comming

a bit of an announcement ..postage is now a flat rate of $9.00 insured

I am subsidising it a little and not chargeing for packageing
...but I am having to ship everything insured
the last 2 months I have had to send out an amazing amount of replacement wigs due to packages getting lost ...i have had 2 return to me I can add them back to stock
but too many are getting lost
my policy is to send out replacements ..but there are just too many

when I sent them out International Signed for ..very few go missing so from today EVERYTING is sent Insured


look whats comming soon ..sample is being sent to me to see

will be fantastic with Large Moona , Yo , LittleFee

My design again...well ..with the help of Mina and Moona !

straight from the Elves woodshop !

Bracken has been busy for his girls


Miss Anike Maj said...

I love that bed frame! So perfect for your beautiful dolls.

I can't wait to see what other furniture you come up with.

ReineDeLaSeine14 (Stephanie) said...

A lot of stuff has been going missing. I've been insuring most things and doing more Priority Mail...I'm also having to charge for the first time EVER.

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