Monday, July 13, 2009

update.. Good news and bad

what shall I call her :), originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

I have sold out of white ...I have A LOT of pelts on order ..but they still haven't arrived .they are being chased up

Im Ok for the orders I have now taken last week ..but it will affect a lot taken after today


I am having treatment on my hands ...the damage I have done to them over working ..basically ..can be reversed ...
but I have been told
I HAVE to have a day off ..and I must take breaks
and use ice-packs every couple of hours , if I do this hands will get better ..and I will be able to continue for may years to come

If I dont do this my hands will be damaged permanent
and I cant risk this ..
.I apologize if you have placed an order
WAIT LIST ...up to 3 weeks again ...
this isnt because of the lack of materials ..but the state of my hands

it wont affect my orders, this is my job ..I have to work with it
..Im a little behind because of my holiday
and how long its taking me to make the pigglets sewn for Charles
These are now finished ..and the last bit of assembly is being done now

but I have to pace myself ..and Im haveing a day off soon as I finish the pigs for Charles

As long as I slow down
and stop off the PC more ..meds ice-packs and the hand-brace should work ..Ive been offered injections ..but dont want these yet as I feel these will just mask the problem ..I have to learn to take some time off and stop abusing my poor hands ..starting now :)

I have so much planned for the future as long as Im careful ..I will be able to do it

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Miss Lady Bug said...

Hi, I'm so sad to know about those sad news but I'm sure you'll take care enough to recover soon and keep working as nice as you've been doing... Get well soon ^_______^

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