Sunday, January 31, 2010

look who is comming to live with me

found ...thank you, originally uploaded by SleepingElf.

I do have a little obsession with Lati ...sadly I had to sell most my Lea when I had to pay my cats Vets fee :(

this year ...I have decided I am going to collect the HK ...a little more selective ,and not by repeat sculpts
I should have bought Cookie when I had the chance ..I love this sculpt , but I managed to get her

I also this weekend adopted a HK unicorn Miel Lily has a Sister !
with Lami , coming to live with me
I am hopeing one day to add a tan Byrul and I rather like Momo
and a Coco will one day come and live with me again

and Im dreaming of a tiny tan Belle ..but on the basic body
and a sugar or Choco Lea
at least I will have a Mystic head though ..rather happy about that

and managed to get the HK girls

spring cleaned today ..accounts all done the wig orders should bw going out Tuesday as promised

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