Wednesday, February 10, 2010

beautiful Kay

beautiful Kay, originally uploaded by SleepingElf.

my latest acquisition
Little Fee Shiwoo ..its great to have a little fee back in my house ..and I have always adored the Shiwoo sculpt , whether it was a SD or Mini fee of course the little fee is perfect

the year has started out with a bang ..and gone full pelt into the new year

not only have I added 3 more Lati into the fold .
AND new wig colours dolls are flying out ..and Im working 7 days again

wig ordres are up to 3 weeks wait list
dolls I do have good stock of large Mina and Bracken , Brier Rose and Moona ...but the smaller ones are dwindling

Im trying to think of my happy thoughts too
so far ..even though I had that lousy cough ...and we have had so much cold ..and snow !

today is face-up day ..I have set it aside
I have 2 Hujoo , 1 planetdoll ...a Bobobie sprite and Blossoms Chibi

Ok ..cup of tea time ..and time to start !

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