Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sam helping

Sam helping, originally uploaded by Sleeping elf.

Im not online too much at the moment
I have a whopping backlog of orders I'm ploughing through
I vastly underestimated how long it would take to make up the curly tot wigs
I am perming them now ..so it takes much longer ..but the results more permanent
I am aiming to get my back logs out by the end of the week

when Im not making up the wigs ...I am hunting for another kitten

Im missing Winnie like crazy ..so is Zack ..he has no-one to play with ...Sam largely ..sleeps ..by me ..and that's it
he is so laid back nothing bothers him ..except if I wont pick him up and love him when HE wants me too

but we are at the top of a list of British short hairs ..we are going to view them May 16th ...cant wait

and Im waitng to here back if I have a very special little girl
...so kitty talk over ..wig talk

Curly tots /almost done ..custom cut and curls ...almost done
hope to have caught up by the end of this week

Dolls all to be posted by the end of the week

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