Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Some delightful DICK HEAD decided in the early hours decided to vandalise my van
so when I should have been working ..I was making statements to the Police and getting spray paint  of my beloved " Star"

I am beyond angry .we are waiting for a letter  ..my much better half , has to have a biopsy ..we found out last week he has 2 lumps in his  lymph glands ..to say Im stressed ..a little worried  a bit tense ? a bit of an understatement !!
all the cats have come down with a mystery virus 
I had to get one sick cat up to the Vets , which is Chester ...sort him out and .when I should have been working ...I had to get shit loads of paint off my van 
caus one dick head has gone ape with a can of spray paint

well it came off ...now my Van is lovely again ..and the Police have been really nice 
Im not the only person in the area to have their property and possessions vandalised 
this afternoon was spent arranging to have the tyre blown up ..so I can drop the Van closer to the fence and  down the drive ..so the new security camera system I have bought will film the end of the drive and my van 
so if IT HAPPENS AGAIN ...smile your on camera 

So the wigs will be a day late on Etsy 
so Im not happy  a day behind ...and buried under work again  .......

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