Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dolls for sale

parts of my collection Im selling

choco puki coco $300 black hands and feet but will include white ones $300.00

second edition Olivia $200 ( smaller elf ears like orriginal )
ElF doll Min $200
elf doll Jin $200

elf doll kai limmited darker resin $200
winkey $200 rare

wendy $350* rare
Impledoll tree harley - but with Aimee face full body blush with human legs too
NOT DOLL lucy $150.00 tan version
fashion flex  BODY WITH  UNOA -2  head $ 300

johnny dep $250.00
ssin $200.00
serendipity $150.00
boboie $100.00
pocket fairy boy $250.00- with Viya face-up
zigzig $200.00
elf doll hanna $150.00, only comes with 2 face-plates

Hujoo - resin version a $250.00

Hujoo - resin version sleepy eyes $250.00

brownie doll haha $150.00

bambie cronie roko- blue spade bunny  $250.00

mookla $600.custom made for me


tinybear said...

I will be adding more and links to pictures over the next few days

Genevieve said...

Hi Carrie,
I am a huge fan, I think your pieces are very beautiful and delicate, I can feel the love, are any of the pieces that you are selling available on layaway, I like your custom mookla doll, she is beautiful.

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