Saturday, October 23, 2010

update on wig orders

 thank you so much for bearing with me 
Im not online to chat much at the moment 
thank you for the cards , prayers and well wishing ..we need it 
and we both apprecaiate it 

Im spending most of my time ..making up orders 
and getting them out
at the moment its the only piece of normality I have :...(
and this week going to and fro hospital as Pete gets ready for his operation ..and yet more tests 

I am still taking orders ...if you would like to place orders p
at the moment use the form on my web site 

its just right now head isnt working right ..and Im likely to loose you if you send in a payment form PayPal ..and there are no wig details on it 

I find it hard with the volume of orders I have to keep track the best of times the momment Im on auto 
print off order from site .. make it up ship it out 
but throw in a cross reference ..Im doomed !

so send in the order from my site

next week is going to be tough for me ...
 ..he goes in tomorrow for surgery ..

Im spending most of my time next week hospital ..and making up the November 
Etsy OOAK 

Most of my wig orders have gone ..unless you ordered mixed spice or a rose wood ..that will be going out Monday or Tuesday
...Oh and I have 1 blushes ...thats drying

orders placed last week ..will be done this week 

1 comment:

Michelle's Mad World said...

I hope all goes well for your hubby's operation and his imminent tests.

Every good wish to you both. :o))

Michelle xx

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