Sunday, December 5, 2010

back on my feet

I was more than a little surprised when these dropped through my door
I had forgot about them ....
sad really :(
but its helped a little ...I got my camera out Saturday ..and started snapping ....finally something normal in my life ...

my whole life has been taken over by this appalling illness
my wonderful husband ..not 1 week has gone by since September
he hasn't been in hospital ..I cant tell you how brave he is
.my kids have suffered
my health business ..
we have gone from normal stage 4 Cancer in weeks ...I cant even begin to sort out my feelings
I am so rage hot angry ...

I hate this illness so much ...the rage burns sometimes I write it down here and cry a llittle caus Im so angry its happening to my Pete ..who never hurt anyone

anyhow ....rage over for today ...loads of e.mails answered ..a pile or late orders out Friday ..and a load more will go out this week
Im still not on-line much ...Im so far behind with my orders ..I have to get them out before I worry myself sick again

and now I have to go pick up my Christmas tree ..caus Zack has just knocked it over ....


Valida said...

It's so hard to hear your pain, sweetie, but I haven't stopped praying for you and Pete. I'm glad the doll came to cheer you a little. She's really gorgeous. Hang in there and know there are loads of people holding you and your family in their thoughts.
Huge load of health and wholeness hugs,

Witchylana said...

^ Valida has taken the words from my mouth (keyboard?).

Keep strong Love.

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