Monday, January 24, 2011

and out they go

by the end of the week all orders should be shipped
its good to be saying ...your order has gone

by the end of the week curley tots and long wigs will be listed on Etsy
Lati Yellow ..and Lati Green /unoa size
and some lati white /puki puki

and a new bear ...

Charity bear will be listed on Ebay February

Pete is doing Ok well as one can be
he has been taken off one lot of pills ..they were making him so ill
and it looks like his heart has gone back into rythem and slowed down
his operation for this week has been cancelled until after he has been Zapped
and he should be Zapped next week
but right now ...we had a wonderful normal weekend

and spent a lovely afternoon with my Brother and his wonderful new partner in their new home almost felt normal xx

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