Friday, January 7, 2011


Pete was rushed into hospital yesterday 
he has been doing so amazingly well ...but this week he started feeling a bit fuzzy headed and had flu like symptoms 
which can happen on this drug he is on 
god it was terrible ...he was in agony ..scarred me shitless 

His doctor thinks the chemotherapy either bought on a mother of a migraine 
in which case it will be gone tommorow 
or the drug  is making the brain swell ..either that or the cancer has reached the brain 
after a whole day of agony ..steroids ..injections to stop him being sick evening he was getting slightly better ..and had stopped being sick 
if its a migraine ..he will be Ok in 24hrs 
if its the Chemo drug ..on the steroids and anti-sickness drugs he will be better in 48 hrs 
if its on his brain ...he wont 

so we came home ..exhausted 

were booked in for a scan next week ... and the  results will be through quickly as his Chemo is on hold .he cant have it again untill they find out if has cancer  on his brain ..the chemo will be stopped and he will have radiotherapy has been a lousy 24hrs ..


The Old Maid said...

Sending a lot of good health wishes to your husband, you and your family. Will keep you in my prayers.

A.J. said...

Thinking of you all Carrie,


Kayjay said...

Oh Carrie it must be so horrendous to see Pete in so much pain and not knowing why. I am constantly thinking of you both and wishing you all the luck in the world to beat this. Hugs to you both

Kathryn x

Valida said...

Sorry I hadn't read this before writing, but I've read the update and really hope things will continue to improve. All my love and support,

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