Wednesday, March 16, 2011

latest inside the Moo

so close to finishing her
just cant wait to get away for a few days

Pete is recovering slowly very slowly ..sometimes I think I may loose my mind

this journey we are on is a nightmare ...I just dream of a happy ending

we are due to see the specialist tommorow to find out what treatment he is to ahve next and the last ct scans

part of me is terrified
he has 8 lesions or nodules on his body now ..lord knows whats going on in his lungs and I am scarred shitless :(

I am doing everything I can ,...research into diet and latest complimentary treatments , I spend hours reading about diet and cancers

the McMillan nurse from Birmingham gave Kat an amazing magazine to read ICON
its eye-opening ..there are things we can do to help ..that can be used along side the radiotherapy and conventional treatments
and the future of treatments ..
it kinda keeps me sane at least I feel I have some control over this too


Kayjay said...

Good luck with the specialist tomorrow, I hope they give you some positive news xxx

Michelle said...

Every good wish..and hope that it's really positive news!!!! :o)

Michelle xxx

Karen said...

Good luck for tomorrow Carrie.. will be thinking about you both x
Karen A

Jo x said...

Love and Hugs always Carrie ...
Jo xxx

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