Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am living in chaos !
its taken 3 weeks to clear the rubbish and charity stuff ... we hope to move the 28th ... and everything has now come thru OK .. so I just hope for a moving date was supposed to be the 28th ..but Solicitors dont think there is enough time 
I cant work like this !!!
apart from the sorting ..boxing and clearing .. its the constant trips to solicitors , banks .. estate agents .. breaking up my working day..I cant get to the rads to dry the pelts .. boxs everywhere 
my commissions have been delayed ..Ive not been able to make stock ..I really cant keep this up at all ...I do this for my job ...if I cant work ..I cant pay the bills 



Michelle said...

I know how you feel Carrie! We are moving too, this week we've had our moving date moved 3 times! We were supposed to move on the 23rd May, then it was the 5th of June. Now we are advised that we won't move before the 10th June and even then the date is not finalised! We can't book removal men that far in advance and because we are moving over two days, just makes it even harder. Stressful doesn't cover it!

Hoping you move soon!
Take care
Michelle xxx

NyXyz Nook said...

I hate all the hassle with moves. You have my sympathy. Any news on a moving date, Carrie?

Dota Battle said...

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