Friday, May 3, 2013

please bear with me if you are waiting for a message
last week saw the anniversary of my husbands death was a difficult time again .. 2 years and Im wondering where the time goes
plus the fact I decided to put my house on the market.. thinking it was going to take months
in 48 hours I sold my house and bought a new one !!
the moving date is a tentative 28th May ..and I have to move 21 years of junk.. its taken a week just to clear the loft

its been manic .. a little upsetting and very exiteing .. but Im living in chaos
I am working on my outstanding wig orders ..these are going out slowly

what I am planning to do today and the weekend it get all my work stuff back in the work shop ..which is filled with stuff from the house at the momment
so my orders and work isnt disrupted anymore

I will start answering messages Monday ..
if you have ordered a wig Im working on it now
Ebay listings and shop listings will start again next week
White fur that was lost in Feburary is still lost ..but Ive rebought it and it will be with me next week
Blythe carving .. coming
Ordered dolls ..Dennis said they are almost ready
I will be quiet over the next few weeks .. but thats because Im working on the orders xx If you have ordered YOU WILL BE GETTING IT xx

thank you for undersstanding its been very hard for me the past 2 years ..I am still working ..and new house , new start
sees an exiting new beginning for me and SleepingElf

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