Friday, May 23, 2008

and its rining

which is the worse thing ever
this time of a year it can set me back days

in the winter when it rains , I just dry everything on my radiators

in the summer I dry the pelts and wigs on the slabs in my garden...its so hot it drys them so fast

but when it rains ...everything stops ...its too walm to have the heating on in the house
and nothing drys ....


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was LittleBloomers for many years making miniature dolls , then miniature tiny bears ...get it :) I feel old , In 2004 ..I started making tiny outfits ..thats when I bought my first tiny ...I was hooked in 2006 I started making wigs although my first few wigs were for my tinys I soon had customers asking me for larger sizes ...and that is that