I can sew 💙💙💙

 I really wanted a large tote bag , so I could throw my holiday/art journal in , my pinch of nom diary ,and my crochet / knitting ..and my water bottle , paints , Lippy , perfume , pens , phone …glasses and the kitchen sink …so I made one ! 

Although I have sewn miniatures for many years ..I’ve not actually sewn anything on a large scale 

Really quite pleased with myself ..I saw the tutorial on you tube and just followed it 

My dads old jeans , my only jeans …my old dinning room curtains , which I loved , to line 

My grab it , and everything is in it bag 💙💙💙

Little Miss Panda 💗

 This little beaut of a pattern is free on Pay it Forward on YouTube 

I switched it from felt to Sherpa and I loved making her x 

It would make a lovely Sooty pattern x

New bedding ❤️

 Sometimes Facebook throws up a gem , this gorgeous bedding was one , washable self coloured 4.5 tog quilt from Fine bedding it feels gorgeous, looks beautiful 

And my lovely Sweet Summer by Sweetpea family crochet

Emu yarns 

 now has pride of place … put on sideways as I prefer it 

But I’ve been waiting weeks To put it on the bed and I love it 


 Mathilda is looking thoughtful

And I’m wonderful who or what to do next 

I can’t wait to get my airbrush going again 

I really want to do a denim bear , airbrushed,  dresses , I’m loving the frills and lace 

I also want to do the Boston Terrier and a doll 

I’m so pleased after all these years I’m happy making large bears and clothes and airbrushing ! And crochet ! 

And I can read patterns .. I’m so happy ! LOL 


 Today I spent the morning in the dentist … yuck 

I was very exited about getting home to finish Mathilda the goat …I’ve been working on her for a couple of weeks now ,

I jumped right in set up my kit …and nothing happened 

Then I spent the next 2 hours stripping down the airbrush to getting it to work 😡

I used to use an industrial airgun ,many years ago I used to use one ,when I was a fabricator , so I’m no stranger to stripping one down and putting it back together again ..I soon had her working 

And work it did …

I use Jacquard Dye-na-flow iron-fix silk paint ,In an Iwata airbrush and compressor it’s amazing ..I can see me using it a lot more now I’m this happy 

Finally I finished Mathilda ..she is on Etsy 

Although I will be quite happy if she doesn’t sell LOL 

My heads exploding with ideas 

I really want to do an Alpaca …and a dog …and a denim bear ! 

WIP … Mathilda

 Still working on her ❤️Slowly and surely 

I’m taking my time and not rushing her ❤️

I love her 

Nose tomorrow…eyes and  I will paint her Monday 

Creative and happy

 Had a wonderful day yesterday in my work room 

Where I made Hitty and Matilda’s outfit ..Pauls off fishing today 

I was up at 5.30 setting up my yogurt …

And I will be returning to my workroom today …tiny boots to finish  and more work on Matilda Amd a beautiful dress to make for a Teddy on order …❤️

Relaxing day ❤️

 New Masterclass on Lisa Pay blew my mind …I’m really looking forward to making those boots !

I did a little work on a bear and my goat today 

And also did this …Gorgeous! 

I really wanted to have a go at making my own yogurt …so I have and it’s bloody lovely 

I swatted up on a couple of blogs 

hardest part was finding the yogurt function !

Turn the unit on , turn stop start dial to 

Select Yogurt / dehydration…

then turn the stop start dial  to select yogurt function , press TEMP AND TURN DISL TO SELECT YOGURT 

Add the milk ..I used 2 litres 

Use the pressure cooker lid with the vent open 

Let it boil …the unit displays “biol” it it will pip when it’s done 

Then it will switch to cool 

Leave it to cool …this took mine unit about 2 1/2 hours …just leave it ..don’t be tempted to skip this 

The unit pips …stir and whisk 

In 2 tablespoons of any live yogurt 

( I tipped it out and added it to a mixing bowl as I didn’t want to scratch my Ninja with the whisk ) 

Add it back to the Ninja ..close the lid …and press start again ,and it counts down from 8 hours 

Mine came out perfect after 8 hours 

Beautiful thick and creamy ..I wanted to try Greek ..so I strained it overnight…it’s like cream now ..it’s amazing 

I will be doing it again 

A real boy

 I’m multi tasking 

Working on a couple of bears , a goat 

And “ A real Boy “ 

I reduced the masterclass Pinocchio 

So far so good … 

Made in felt , stuffed with kapok , he fees divine 

Can’t wait to do his body x 

I have the urge to call him Charlie 

When he is done he will be for sale x 

Happy Easter to us

 Meals out xxx 

Finishing planting the garden 

Pierre the Panda ❤️

And chilling with my crochet hook ❤️


Gorgeous colour , terrible to sew so I backed the Sherpa with an iron web …next time I will use a woven backing for a little more give …but it’s worked beautiful 

Violet was born …she is an Easter Gift for my friends grandchildren ..I’ve made a couple of the little blankie bunnies for the babies too