Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My precious tinys

Dodo, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

I was sorting out my PhotoBucket today and adding all the good pictures to my Flikr
Im pissed off with them deleting my photos ..when they are just nude shots of dolls ...I wouldn't mind
but they were just the basic sculpt shots of my tubby fairy's
so I am winding down that account
I came across the pictures of my Arwen Dodo ...isn't she just fab

then I started to sort out my list of dolls ..
guess you could say I am addicted to tiny

my precious tinys
5 Pocketfairys , Rosie, Alex, Peter , Maisy , Polly and Luke
9, Elf dolls , Luthien ,Tinuviel ,Idril ,Arwen ,Pippin, Mini .Sissy, Ithil and A
6 ELF /Hana/Doona -Chelsea, Abby ,Merry ,Moana and Oona , ?
1 Elf 1st edition Alice- Alice
1 Wishel ,Pumpkin
1 Supia -Adam
1 Domuya/BC head Aree
2 Nari-pon , Gither and Magrat
1Secretdoll -Esme
1 Ssin boy- Verence
1 Lati white Arin girl - Perdita
1 Latie white pury -Tiff
1 Lati white Sleeping Pury ltd- Aggie
1 Lati White special Laches- Albert
1 Lati white tan special Belle-Cheery
1 Lati White Special Kong - Nobby
1 Lati Yellow Elf -Byrul -Rory
1 Lati Yellow- Coco - Polly-Anna
1 Lati Yellow -Miel Elf -Milly
1 Jaime Doll - Vito-Chloe
1 Bobobie Isobel -Isobelle
3 Bobobie , Florrie and Harry ,TC
1 Banji .Beren
2 DD Anne Balrog - Near and tan sleeping Near - Glorfindel
1 MR Hamster Lillica -Izzy
1 Notdoll Lucy - Nami
1 Freespiritz Bluebell
1 PpoPoo-Cherry
1 Aga CAndy -Amalie
1 Dobigi Bluecard Alice -ZigZig
6Moona , Moona , Isil and Storm,BlueBerry,Pippa,Sandy
5 Bracken , Bracken , Embers and Anar,Wee Jock,Sapling
2 BonBon - dark tan and light tan Rosie
3 Coco- Dark Tan Coco and Green Absynthe, light tan Ellenore
1 Pipos pink Baha -Candyfloss
1Pipos white Roony- Buffy
2 FairyLand Piki and Sugar- Holly and Ivy
1 Dollzone Bunny - Angel
1 Bambie Cronie Roko , Bunny - Bonny
1 Hujoo - Ducky
1 Hujoo-Cindy
1 Bambie Cronie Vivienne- Bess
1 Bambie Cronie PingPing ..PingPong
1 Lady Saiyuki blue Ted - Sputnik

comming A-ku , White Dollzone Elephant
Kayz Kid Sage , Lati Yellow Lea

and larger dolls
Lady Saiyuki large Ted (OR)
Lucky-Unoa Sist 1.00
Goldie -Unoa 2 hybred
Antabus -Volks SDc Kurt
Finnoughla - Dollstown Seola
Mouse -Volks Megu

Wish List
Lati white Arin on the tiny boy body
Tan Lea
Tan Byrul
Elf Lea
Aga Fairy Green Tea ..or was it Milk ..the boy
and Mythdoll Leroi ...I just saw the old pictures I had of her ...and I wish I hadnt sold her

Rainman to make a tiny boy to go with the orriginal tiny girls
and a jointed torso body for my Oreintdoll Elf Tae head Haldir

Oh yeah ...stressed out day ...but I did get out loads of wigs , 2 dolls and the DD Ann dolls I sold

must Pm Dennis again and remind him about those hands

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