Tuesday, May 20, 2008

poorly head :(

I have been suffering from headaches , migraines and more headaches for about a year off and on
but this week has been dreadful

I'm hypersensitive to light , smells and noise :(
so finally I went to the Dcs
my blood pressure is high ..so that could be causing the bad heads all of the time

so I am now on meds ...

anyhow ...it will take a few days for them to kick in
I still fe, but its not gone yet
I have to go back in a month to see how I am doing

I am trying desperately to get every ones orders out ...I'm going away for a few days next week with Pete ...our first break on our own ...for 18 years
Cant wait

but I wont be on the PC so much ...as its giving me migraines I will answer Pms

As some of the pelts have arrived I can make a start with the wigs , dyeing etc ..I should have them all done by Friday ...

I also have a mosaic planned
and several bears I have to make ....and some needle felting I want to do
and I just agreed to take on another class for Mike ...I said I wouldnt do any more
...sigh ...but its local and its crafting anad only for 6 weeks ...so not too bad

and the New Moona should be finished this week ..I am hopeing she will arrive before I go away for a few days ...its a busy time

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