Friday, June 20, 2008

how cool is this !

how cool is this !, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

this blew me away
working with Bobobie I have come to expect their workmanship to be just what I want ...

I was wondering how to get Mina to pose ...especially after seeing Puki`s Posiden ..I was plotting all sorts of stands ...or how to sit her ...but this blew me away when I saw it

I wanted her to have Elf ears ...but do realise some of the people who like my work ..dont like Elves I have compramised ,when Mina walks on land , she looks Human ...
when she takes on Human form in the company of Elves ...she still has her distinctive Ears ....

and Suddenly the Witley Woods is taking on form ...

the Sun cuts through the green canopy's of the Wood ...and and dances on the surface of the Lake
waterfalls run into it .from the Mossy Cliffs ..Mina lives quite happy there ...
at its depths she makes her home ..but there is an underground passage ...under the Beacon Mountains and out into the Sea ...
but Mina loves to be by the Trees and her friends Moona
and Bracken and Cousin Coco

mhhh its comming

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