Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mina ..and Mina and Mina and another Mina ..and Mina..........

Im in awe ...I always am
The Mina human version ...Im already dreaming up a blue fullset
Human and Mermaid .. body blushing outfits and custom wig

...I have the urge for a lilac mermaid ?
they are being done right now

,.,,,I am taking reservations now


Tracy said...

I just love her face Carrie *_* is she the same size as moona?? I thought I was satisified with Moona and Bracken but then you come out with another mold...

tinybear said...

she is the same size
she shares the same body type as Moona they can share clothes

her head will also go on the Bracken body she makes a wicked boy too

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