Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bugger it

another morning ...with no delivey of fur ....perhaps Im not in a good mood today
but July is a little long to be waiting for my delivery and its getting to me now
they said they were shipping out my order 2 weeks ago EMS HAS to arrive this week
all the browns , blondes and another red ...they have sold out of that now

all the orders I caught up with ...Im now about to slip behind again
With Miniatura on the 3rd,and 4th means Im going to have to put in some long hours

So ...
I have no blonde now I cant ship any Blonde , Cinamon Swirl ..Cappuchino
dark brown I have so little left now only Pukis and tinys can go out

Im sorry folks ...:(
it wont be long before I have sold out of the reds ...and without the base pelts ...I cant replace the colours :(

weather is getting colder too ...Ive been down the workshop this morning and knocked on the heater Im going down there to see if there is any wigs in my stock box I to fill orders

The good news ? ...I have redyed Latte ..and chocolate chip ..

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