Monday, October 20, 2008

I have been promised my pelts ...and hopefully this week they will be with me
funny I have been saying that for the past 3 weeks

but I have almost caught up with the late orders fact last batch is due to go out tommorow

I have just got a small ammount of Sea Mist instock all is good there

and a new colour Autumn Leaves Ltd to 4 wigs ..Im listing them on Etsy later this week
and working on a couple of Gnome outfits for Lati/Coco BonBon

last posting date for Christmas
INTERNATIONAL ....please dont forget I am in the Uk ..and we dont have EMS !
SO its


UK is 20th of DECEMBER

thats just SO close !

ALL ORDERS recieved after that date will not be sent out untill Jan 3rd 2009
TO GET all the holiday post out of the way

SO PLEASE your orders as soon as you can
remember I do do LAYAWAY

but I will not send untill I have recieved FULL payment

I take s $60.00 NONE REFUNDABLE deposit

and the rest in as many installments as you need ...

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