Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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They are being sent this Thursday ....for definate
thank goodness ...and a few more stragglers to follow
I have asked for all of them to be sent by the end of this month so as we have them in time for Christmas dispatch

I finally found my yellowing BW Narea on the secondary market to replace Fleur ...I sold her the beggining of this year
and kicked myself ..when I ordered Dandilion ...I kicked myself even more

my Fleur was an older yellowed Open eye Narea ..the only thing I ever wished ..that she was the clasic Narea .....
new Fleur is a Classic I am just thrilled

I am kinda thinking now I have most the dolls I need now

drum roll ....I have also got my ultimate sewing machine coming
so that will mean outfits for all tinys
Wanda the Wonderfrog , my dolls , Elf and the Hujoo tinys
plus any more you care to mention as I have most of them

and even more ....I made a tiny ...the first tiny I have been happy with for over a year

....I wasnt happy at all with my bears ...which is sad ...I should be so proud of my achievements ...but they just made me sad , like I wasnt good enough ......but yesterday I finished one ...and I wasnt sad ...I was bloody thrilled ...over the moon

.........Im back

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