Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Betty gets a new frock

Betty gets a new frock, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

I cant tell you how much I wanted a Hujoo when I saw them first ..and they were impossible to get ...Im thrilled they are so easy to get now ....
and I adore the resin ones ....Betty gets a new dress

any way ...update ..WIGS ...I have a ton ...just sat here ...waiting to ship ...and no postal bags
they should have gone Monday ..and discovered to my horror ..I have put the 100 envelopes I bought somewere safe ...and cant for the life of me find them ..
Address lables are ready , wigs are ready
Post bags should be with me tommorow

Im such an airhead !

and good news ....Large Mina ...will be made next ...working on her right now


Bone*Head*Studios said...

What breathtaking dollies ,I love all the gorgeous dolls you have!!!!!...,,very expensive addiction you have my dear!

tinybear said...

thank you xx
LOL it is

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