Saturday, March 28, 2009

its been a long day ....

Humpty`s, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Im on anti-inflamatorys for my joints ...But had a good day today
took loads of pictures of the Humptys I have and the miniatures I thought I may as well list them on my Etsy rather than leave them in a box ....but its taken me ages
started carving my 3rd Blythe too ...I just didnt like Frosty ...vile plasticy hair and needed matting ! I wanted a sadder smile ..not the big smile like Blossom and Bod ..and Im loveing the results so far ...Im trying not to get too attatched to her ...I know I have to sell her ...I have the 3 new Prima Blythes comming ..and 3 Lati
so I am selling Frosty ..possibly the new Willow ..that will teach me for buying a Kenner LOL
I LOVE the Aubury ..who will look perfect with Ruby ... I may call Molly ..or Red

But I really do like Rainbow ...thats what I am calling the Frosty ..she is going to have a cool cat scalp and 4 wigs to go with the 4 new eyechips ...and outfits ...Im quite exited ...

so are the baby Humptys ..with the new Rement I had arrive last week ..which I just absoutly adore !
and now I am taking my achey wrists to bed ..will list the rest tommorow

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