Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Moona, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

I think I may have just finished the washing from when we went away the weekend ...what a lovely break ..,we bought a gorgeous porcelain roses chandelier for our next project

we have quite a nice downstairs extension which is a big shower ..so that's all being ripped out ..and french doors put into the garden ...and its going to be a breakfast room ...we got a lovely little old pine farmhouse table and matching chairs ...and I have been buying the old Crinoline lady tableware ..I cant wait ,,its the only room in the house that has the sun on it all day ..and It going to brighten and warm up the whole kitchen ....

then the upstairs bathroom is going to be ripped out ..and the new toilet ..which is living under my dining room table ..and the shower ...in the garage ..is going to be installed

THEN ,,,and I knew it would get around to work ...then Pete is installing a downstairs loo ,,in the Garage ..with the tumble dryer and washer ...and a BIG BIG sink and draining board ..so I can keep the fur ..outside the house ..the family arnt too keen in it turning up in the meals ..and the dye all over the kitchen tops ,...personally I cant see a problem LOL
then the house should be finished !

on a wigs note ..I'm up todate..but I'm starting to run dangerously short of Blond and Ginger Nut ...
the demand is huge ...I have got through 6 months of materials in the first 3 months of the year ..and thats in blonde and white alone
and every day there are more ...Im thrilled to bits ...and now I have given up teaching but my 1 class I can get the wigs out in about 2 weeks ..but its taken me since Christmas to get organised

and the dolls are on the way ...a HUGE amount of stock .. including the tiny Bracken, Mina and Moona in red resin ...I cant wait to see those ! Im trying to get enough stock in so there wont be a wait when anyone wants to order

Camera is on charge ..and I cant wait to see them!

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