Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sam comes home

Sam comes home, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Ok I am running about a week to 2 behind ...I have a lot of pain in my left wrist due to "Tendon " inflammation
Im on drugs ..and pain killers and have to see a Physio ...but at least I can use it again

I am still working ...but I have to be careful and not overdo it ...and no knitting or crochet ..that makes it much much worse
Its a beautiful day ..and I marvelled at the colours when we went out
blue blue sky and green fields and the yellow of the rapeseed flowers ..its just been a perfect day ...Oh yeah paid for my mew Mini Riz too ..I just had to have another the tan one
well we went to collect Sam today , and here is is
Zack jumped on him straight away ..and we are having to be watchful ..Zack will be 10 weeks Tuesday and he is HUGE next to tiny Sam ,
Sam is timid and so far much quieter ...Maddie has taken to him straight away
She has really surprised me ..she has gone so loving since Stan passed

Pete made an amazing wire screen to put up the french doors, so we can have some air as its so hot ... the sun shone in . the cats all lay in it ..we had ice lolly and the foot ball droned away in the back ground ...and its is beautiful

a far cry form how lousy the beginning of the month was

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