Sunday, June 21, 2009

away untill 29th

my 2 new Belles, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Pete and I are away for a few days ..leaving the now healing kitties in the hands of friends and family

Holidays were delayed for a few days to make sure Kittys Meds are working ...they are ...all Cats are taking the Antibiotics
and finally Sams eyes are healing

I tried to contact the seller ..but my mail bounced back ..turns out Sam has Chlamydia :( ..
I was even sure I could see his "scratch " ..that was fur missing due to his eye infections
I wish his previous owner would have just said their was a problem ..but I feel their was no way he was ever taken to a vet , I can help but feel she lied ..but still I wouldnt change a thing
I would have still had him ...but after he had been treated ..but I dont think she had any intention of doing that
Now all my cats have to be treated ..even though Maddie has no symptoms ...still 48 hours into the med and the improvement is dramatic, and they will be OK ..they are also going to be vacinated when they are better
Zacks eyes are fine ..and Sam is a different kitty
and I feel I can leave them with my daughter and friend without worry ...yeah right ..gonna miss them like crazy
Jo is even comming around in the day when Rosie is out as Zack gets upset when he is alone ..I cant thank her enough

Ok back next week


Kayjay said...

So glad both kitties are on the mend, try and have a relaxing holiday :)

Kathryn x

tinybear said...

yeah all 3 cats have had to be treated ...Maddie was not happy about the vets visit ...but now they are all OK

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