Thursday, June 11, 2009

growing so fast

growing so fast, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Sam is getting better by the day ..but Zack now has conjunctivitis ...! and he is such a baby

thankfully what ever was wronge with Sam hasnt passed ..just the poorly eyes ..which my Vet suspects Sam got easy as he was so ill and week , she told me not to worry he was so young ...he is gaingin weight and comming on in leaps and bounds
.with what ever respiritory illness he had ..he is one lucky kitty and responded really well to TLC and antibiotics
.thankfully its not Catflu far I have been to the Vets 3 times this week and I have to take them both tommorow ....expensive game this Kits ...but worth it

but both kittys are on the mend
my Vet has told me not to worry about my old cat she is most likey imune as she is showing no symptoms
Both have wonderful characters ..they are my pride and joy

Im teaching them to leave wigs and dollys alone !

right now Im off to bathe Zacks eyes ...feed them both ..dye wigs and take those Bracken pictures ...and sneek in a coffee

WIGS ..My hand is much worse ...and I now have symptoms in my other hand I am being careful ...wigs are going out OK ..if a little slower ..but I am starting to stress .....expext a month and if you get them sooner ..its a bonus :)

trying not to get stressed ( I can feel the muscles in my neck ache and I have another headache ) ..but they are all ticking over nicely

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