Friday, June 5, 2009

tiny Sam

tiny Sam, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

my poor little mite is pooley
I gave him 4 days , like his last vet said ..and he dose look 100 times better ,,,but I was still not happy

although he is much much better his eyes started to glue up again

and he snezzes like anything when I clean them .so I got him into the vet

he has an infection and conjunctivitis ..the Vet also thinks he has got a respiratory infection , although his lungs sound clear he is snufly

vets have told me we have watch him closely , these next couple of days he should improve
but is he stops eating at all he has to be admited as he will need to go on a drip
he has had an antibiotic jab today ..and antibiotic eyecream
and I have to take him back Monday for another injection,
After being given the worse news then she gave me the good news
he hasnt got a temperature , and
the Vet dosnt think he has flu , he hasnt got the mouth ulcers , is eating well and isnt lethargic
and the Vet finding out he was a Maine Coon also checked his heart ..thats fine too
so Im pampering him to pieces ,
Zack should be Ok ..although he may catch the conjunctivitis
...but as he is a strong healthy kitten , he could be Ok
and a Sams infection is through the cut ..Zack cant catch that
I will try and answer mails tommorow ..but I didnt want to leave Sam today
I have to keep a close eye on him , make sure he eats and gets his eyedrops I will sit ..feed him chicken and sew up the Snoinks Im working on for Charles
Ive missed the post today , but Pete is taking them up tommorow

hopefully with the Anti-b`s and cream we will see an improvement tommorow xx

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