Friday, July 31, 2009

DHL lost my parcel !

Not just any parcel ..a huge box the size of a coffin ! with 60 dolls in it ...60!

my stock ..I am just numb ....

all the Brackens ,normal Mina . Red Mina ..its the size of a bloody house how can they not find it

at least they phoned me I can get the rest of this weeks wigs out

they have told me they will know more Monday ..but they did mention the LOST word

at least I have some Mina ..thats positive ...I have a doll show Sunday , it will go ahead ..but without Bracken

Ive had to let Dennis know ...chances are if the parcel is lost will go back to Germany

and turn up in about 3 weeks ...dose that help me ...Nope

So I took a picture of MY ..yes this one is mine ..dark tan Mina ..and I love that lily ..its a giant lily and the smell is just beyond beautiful ..I have a new lens and filter on the camera ..the doll is lovely ..the lily is heavenly I forgot the troubles of 60 lost Elves ....sigh


Jain Squires said...

Hope that house size parcel has turned up. Jain

tinybear said...

It did did
but not untill I have more than a few sleepless nights

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