Saturday, October 31, 2009


zack, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Im just numb ...Zack got out of the garden this evening ...he wouldnt come in and ran off from me ..

some time later he was hit by a car ...his poor face ...and head ...he is in the PDSA now ..
the Vet has prepared us for the worse ...he has head trauma
she said by rights he should be dead and he is a very lucky cat
but has used up all of his 9 lives
..we will know more tommorow


Miriam said...

Oh my god Carrie thats awful! I will keep my fingers firmly crossed for little Zack. You must be sooooo worried. Hugs Miriam xxxxx

tinybear said...

Miriam it was horrible
I honestly thought he was dyeing ...and trying to hold it together
to get him to help because Rosie was distraught ..Pete cleaned the blood and mess off him whilst I phoned for help ..and they got him straight in
Im still not sure what happened ..
but the swelling is going down and once they cleaned him up ..he looked more like Zack ...only much much calmer ..he hasnt stopped eating or sleeping since he came home ...I think he has usd up all his 9 lives!

Miriam said...

I am so so glad he is home and getting better, I have been thinking of you alot. keep us updated (I know you will:)) xx

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