Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the babies come out to play again

Ok so 2010
didn't start quite how I planned ..colds ..cough ..chest infections ..Sinusitis ...Respiratory infection ..and now ...another cold
the joys of working for yourself ..what stress LOL

Im still managing my 3 happy thoughts a day
and manage it ...I do feel blessed ,,I have an amazing husband ,,,who only flinched slightly when I told him I had gone on the wait list for an enchanted doll ..and said he liked my new Mooqla
my kids a re great ..we rarely argue face we have a pretty good laugh ..and my cats ...Winny and Zack are great ..but little Sam ...still smaller than the other 2 ..he is devoted to me ...and I to him ...I dont have favorites ..honest ..but I saved him ..and its like he knows ...wonderful animal
and spring is coming ..I can feel it ...I see it every day in my work room, buds pushing through the soil's coming

I havent felt this creative since ....Years this space
Miniatura is 2 weeks a way and I have 2 projects ..and 3 boy dolls ...and hopefully the Thistledown will be here

IM GOING WILD with my wigs beautiful tan babies are my inspiration

god forbid if the HK release are tan ...i THINK i WILL GO A LITTLE CRAZY!
I want a tan Momo and tan Cookie Im thinking :)

I have a box of vintage lace ..violet has a collar on at the moment ,,,Miniatura Im after some silk ...I can feel a gown coming on ............hand made silk roses and vintage lace ..with lati tan
I know I should be thinking of my own tinys comming ...I am honest

and at last I have that illusive boot ...for Lati and my large dolls ..yay

yup feeling good !

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