Sunday, April 25, 2010

today I bought myself flowers

today I bought myself flowers ...I fancied cheering myself up ..without eating a ton of chocolate !
Lola came home yesterday ..she still isnt well..but were getting there I think ...I was worried to death this morning ..last night she went all sleepy again ..Im just paranoid ...Ive lost 3 cats in 11 months ..and I couldnt face loosing another yet
but she woke up better ..she is still sleepy ..but ..we I think she is on the mend

Mmmmmm Ruki ...I LOVE this ..hate the cuts ..but I am hoping they will do the face-up without them

I have just enough to get 2 more tan ..I think LOL
THIS and Belle ...fraid the HK ones I WILL have to give a miss this time if I GET THESE 2 TAN
..last time I didnt get the tan though ...I never forgave myself ..and I have never been able to get a tan Momo again ..if I let tan Belle and Ruki go ..I think I will regret it

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