Monday, May 31, 2010

wish list

wish list , originally uploaded by Sleeping elf.

just one ..thats all I ask ...just 1
And my tans are almost done :)

trying to cheer myself up today ,I was working all day yesterday on my bears and now I have KILLER RSI
dug out my pain killers ..but I only have 2 left must get some more
on a plus side ...Im really happy with the results ...minus
Im board shitless ..I MUST NOT do anything today ..if I rest up I can finish my wigs this week ..other wise I will be crippled up for a month
Im pissed of with Lati ..they havent shipped
and Pissed off caus no stock ...STILL
Thistledown is STILL a no show ..I missed Miniatura ..and I now I will miss the show the weekend

all I can say its a bloody good job wigs orders are comming in thick and fast :(

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