Wednesday, June 2, 2010

poorley wrists

going through my messages now

for those of you waiting for dolls and wigs
Im getting them shipped this week
Im affraid Im working at snails pace right now ...I had a fall 2 weeks back and hurt my wrists

that and trying to sew for a teddy show Im doing this week has left me in agony , back on pain killers and strapped from fiinger tip to elbows ...Im getting things done ..but so slow ..its very very frustraiting and I have to get finished for Sam`s show this weekend

hopefully I will rest up this weekend the Meds Im on will start working and I can get back to normal in a few days

its so frustrating ..things I took for granted ..I could just do they are so hard
my hands just wont do what my head tells them too
and I find myself wanting to scream

my Dc is sending me for blood tests ..just to make sure what I have is damage from the fall and RSI ..and not anything more serious

and meanwhile ..I curse

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