Monday, June 7, 2010


Rosie, originally uploaded by Sleeping elf.

what a strange weekend ..and mixture of happiness and sorrow

I finally finished my Rosie and James
took me a bloody month to do the face and mould, but now its done I can make more ..if my hands hold out
and I love the results ...its so ..Me
I finnaly got my beautiful tan Lati special
and the same day "Laura" arrived ...I have found out I have a Winter Tan at last !! she should be arriving Tuesday
my collection is complete ..I have the dolls I want
my credit card is screaming ..but I couldn't give a crap ...
I spend Friday evening at an old friends Anniversary part ..its was lovely
I felt somewhat guilty for leaving unfinished work and unposted parcels ...but those I got done and out on the Saturday the morning
but then we heard some very distressing news ....

. I was up the Hospital Saturday evening with a friend ..and my daughters best friend
my daughter is distraught ,
in a freak accident her friend fell from a moving vehicle and fractured her skull work was not ..and isnt a priority right now
she is stable but poorly now ...but she is going to be Ok lucky lady
SUNDAY exhibited at Sams show in Stratford
Im really pleased Abracadabra bought 3 of my bears for the shop again ..its lovely , and it was wonderful to catch up with old friends
..I decided I would still only do Sams show ..Im not going back into the bear circuit .. although it is lovely to catch up with old friends ..I cant make the stock like I did and I feel Im under too much pressure to do so ...I enjoyed Sunday I will keep it at that

I was bitterly disappointed I could do my Challenge entry like I wanted too . but I just couldn't finish it and I ended up ramming a redressed bear on it ..and it just wasnt me I will know for next year
absolutely fell in love with a cAT IN THE hAT ..IT WAS AWESOME !

then Sunday I found out a dear lady I knew from my bear making days died a few weeks back ..she was a wonderful soul ..who worked hard looking after her disabled Son ..And it just left me feeling so ...
sad ..and thinking maybe ..Im working a little too hard again is so fragile ....before we know it its gone enjoy it Now things that make you happy ...and always make time for being creative caus I miss that so much ......thats what I learnt this weekend

and a lovely thank you to Sue ...who sent me an Pete home with 2 lovely bears ..just because she wanted too nice is that ...
and Midsummers murders to close the day ...
I hardly remembered I havent had chocolate for days LOL

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