Friday, June 25, 2010


thats better, originally uploaded by Sleeping Elf ...
it feels like an age ..but she has arrived
Im thrilled to bits with her , she is so tiny ...but has a definate pressence to her !
and she is so stable ..she stands much better than my Lati tinys ...
I have baggied a light tan elf ..and a dark tan human ..those are mine
and I do have a bit of a thing for the coloured girls ..especially Orc little lilac resin

If I could get rid of this bloody headache I would be happier I think

Im working like CRAZY to get all the wigs up to date and out by Tuesday , So I can make outfits and play a little with my new girl

we are going away for a long weekend this weekend ...leaving the house and Lola in the capable hands of my Brother and his girlfriend

and Im going to sit on the beach and chill

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