Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wet weather ...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

we all love Kumu, originally uploaded by Sleeping Elf ...

this picture cheers me up no end

weather is THE WORSE for me ..its hot ...humid and wet
wigs are taking forever to dry!

but hope to get out much more this weekend

Im going away 8th August ..for a few days Im sewing like a looney to get everything out for them

so Im surrounded by wet wigs ..and timing sucks ..2 days of Migraines !
I have a pile of unread e.mails
so if your waiting to here from me ..Im getting around to things !!
but my priority is getting the dolls and wigs out

Doll Magazine are doing an article about customising dolls ...and as a designer how to I feel about my dolls being changed

GO for it ! I said a collector myself ...I LOVE changeing dolls

..some have to stay the same though Poppy
who has just returned from Lati after her face-up has been fixed ...I love her again
although I have all tan girls ...Im keeping my 2 white ..and 1 natural ..these :)

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