Wednesday, September 1, 2010

another day ..the SUN is shining !

even better ..Sun is shining ...and COLD NIGHT !
that means the heating is on ..wigs can dry and I can catch up

the last 4 weeks have been pretty crazy ..Petes hosiptal trips ..which feel surreal ...our holiday ..and a blur of wet wigs ..that wont dry

I am hopeful to catch up again this week
and get everything sent

this is a new bed Im working on ...hopefully part of a new range if it works ..for the small elves ..1/12 scale
and I have larger bed ..which were working on for the larger Yo size dolls

all with that elfin feel to them
the bed will be for view at Miniatura ..and who knows I may have some for sale
they will be available in kit form and made up
exiting !

I am going to have to pull out of the Doll and Bear Show at the Motor Cycle Museum as its too close to Pete`s procedure ...

but I will still be exhibiting at Miniatura xx

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