Thursday, November 18, 2010


I cannot begin to write about what we are going through

I had no idea my world would fall apart like this ...
my most precious husband has advanced cancer and we and our family are devastated 
..I am asking for help .were I can get it .my Daughter is helping me to get out orders and dolls paid for 
this are our priority ..they have to be is my job ..and I have to look after my family too 

questions about future orders ...I promise I will get around to them ...but its taking me time 

orders  are coming in thick an fast from my site ..all will be dispatched by the Christmas deadline
any missing orders will be replaced

if you haven't received your order 


this will save time ..I can just send out a replacement

 at this moment in time I spend most of my hours , hospital and with Pete 

I have very little time for getting to my PC 

thank you for all of the phone calls ,,,PMs and e.mails the moment I cant get around to answering them all 

We are hopefull and positive ..we will beat this evil illness that has taken over our life right now 


Earn 200 said...
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dhawktx said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers y'all's way.

Valida said...

Carrie, I'm still praying for you all and especially Pete. I've emailed, but don't write back as I know it puts a lot of pressure on you. I'm going to continue to pray. Just wish there was more I could do.
Hugs of health and strength,

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