Sunday, February 13, 2011

THISTLEDOWN ...again !!

Pete starts RadioTherapy next week
10 days worth ..every day doing a 2 hour round trip plus the hospital time
Im still working ..taking orders and working on new stock for my Etsy
but if you have e.mailed me may be a few days before I can invoice you or get back to you
I know Im going to be majorly stressed out the next 10 days
were not sleeping too well right now
but I know its all going to come right in the end
Ive enjoyed myself today photographing the new bears ..Pete helped me with them too ..fastening off cotterpins hands are still very weak ..and all the driving Im doing over the next 10 days and the sewing Im doing ...he dosnt want me to knacker them up
but its taken my mind off things a little ...

and ROMEO ..finished for a wonderful  £102.00 !

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Kirscha Royale said...

Sent you a text, sweetie. I'm so glad to hear that Romeo did so well. Hugs of comfort and support for you both during this difficult time,

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