Friday, February 18, 2011

tiny Romeo

tiny Romeo, originally uploaded by Sleeping Elf ...

I carried him about in my pocket all day last week
sewing up bits as and when I could so Pete wouldn't know I was making him

he is tiny ..and I love this size ...
every day this week when we go to hospital I sit and sew ..or knit
its been a long week ..and Im out of the house more than Im in

Ive not got around to posting anything ...but I am planning on parcelling up over the weekend so I can post Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday

I managed to make up quite a lot last weekend ..but just Havant got to get them out yet
Ive had 3 dolls arrive ...Hujoo ABS ted ..who is still bald , nude and face-less ..Customhouse SD chow who is still a box of bits
and Cherish doll ltd rick ..still nude and the same state as the others ..but it was a nice suprise

Pete is doing Ok far so good side effects ..nothing else nasty cropping up
and 3 of the first tumours on his body that came up have shrunk ..
so were hopeful once he starts his treatment again ..we can give this illness a run for its money !!

he is just exhausted ..he cant sleep ..steroids most likely
I wish I could just magic it away
but life isnt like that is it?
were planning the day again today ...1.30 appointment
so it takes about an hour to get there
parking is a nightmare Im leaving at 12.15
fill up with fuel ..and off I go

now Im answereing the e.mails I have had come in

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Kirscha Royale said...

It's good to hear Pete is coping and the tumours are shrinking even though he's exhausted. All that to-ing and fro-ing is hard, but sleep will help you to regain your strength, sweetie. Sending hugs for you both,

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