Monday, April 4, 2011

back in hospital

3rd time since  February :(
but Pete is back in hospital .he wasnt too well since the finish of his radiotherapy
which we put down to the side effects ...but .we had to call the ambulance saturday
they are running more tests on Pete today
his pancreas is enlarged and very painful can be several things ...including the obvious
he isnt allowed to eat and on morphine ...and in much less pain
..and they have taken him off steroids ..and hey ...much less pain :(

.if you are waiting for an answer to a PM , e,mail or Flikr Mail
bear with me ..I have a TON of orders waiting to go and very little time to get them out

e.mails I will get around too over the week

If your waiting for a CURLEY TOTS ..I just havent been able to curl them ...they are almost done ...but not yet
thank you for your patience at this very difficult time


Kayjay said...

I'm thinking of you both and hope Pete can come home soon xxx

Kathryn x

Jo x said...

Oh Carrie love I think everyone understands and is more than prepared to wait.
Love n hugs xxx

Valli Dragon Keeper said...

My dear friend, my heart goes out to you both. I continue to pray and hope that he will turn the corner for good health. You do need somewhere to scream or you to, could be poorly. Sending you all my hope filled hugs, Valli

Tatiana said...

Praying for you and Pete...

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